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Dear Valued Customers,

We are in the Summer of 2013 already. Time flies fast...

Since 2010 we sold more than 500 Portable Sinks and Bars all around the United States. We also have several customers in Europe, Asia and South America.

We can proudly announce that none of them was returned with malfunction or structure problems. Our customers are happy and satisfied with our Portable Solutions no matter what kind of environment they are using the units in.

And now a new design is on its way:

The Portable Diaper Changer Station!


- It comes with the good old Stainless Steel structure

- The nice and easy cleaning Aluminum Composite Panels in different colors

- Running Hot and Cold Water as we already got used to it in our other Portable Bars and Sinks

- One Compartment Built-In Hand Wash Sink

- Paper Towel, Garbage Can, Odor Eliminator

- Infrared (Touch-less) Faucet for more safety

- Storage room for Diapers, Towels and all the good stuff what your baby might need...

The new product arrives at end of July!